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Working Out What You’re Looking for in a Partner

It’s something I’ve often been asked during my online dating adventures, “What are you looking for in a partner?”

And funnily enough, for a long time, I didn’t know how to answer! What was I looking for? In fact, what am I looking for?

Am I looking for the perfect partner? If so, does such a thing even exist? What is perfect anyway?

If you’ve had a couple (or more) long-term relationships, then the chances are high that you know full-well what you’re not looking for.

For me, however, that’s far too negative an approach. I began to think about the qualities which my best friends had and which I most admired. I think that’s a great way to search for your ideal partner.

One of my friends is so funny that a night out with him is like having your own private comedian on tap. Another is so gentle and understanding that she makes everyone who encounters her feel like they’re the most important person in the world.

So, that!

That’s what I want in my ideal partner! I want someone who makes me laugh and someone who is gentle and understanding.

Looks aren’t half as important to me as those qualities and neither is a fat pay packet. I know what makes me happy and handsome rich men only do it if they’re also funny and sensitive.

So…the search goes on! But I do advise everyone to do the same; look at the qualities which are shared by your favourite people in the world…and see if you can find those in your online dates!

It’s tricky though! You might find someone who has one of the qualities only to find that it’s sadly balanced out by a mean spirit or a sarcastic tone. You might find someone who is incredibly attractive but who is serious to a fault.

But don’t be deterred! Keep on in your search, make it fun…and you’ll get there in the end!