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Where to Meet Up with Your Online Date – The Best Aussie Venues

Australia is well known for its amazing beaches and scenery, including vineyards and mountains as well as the bush of course.

But do those places always make for a good date? Not in my experience! I’ve been online dating for a while now. I’ve met some great people and had a long-term relationship along the way.

Some of the best dates I’ve had have been the simplest ones. I’m going to take a trip down memory lane and share with you, the most memorable dates I’ve had where the venue played a big part in the success of the meetup!

The beach doesn’t have to mean swimming!

I met up with one guy at a beautiful beach town near my home; it’s the kind of place people looking for a romantic date visit so when he suggested it, I knew he was a good bet. At least he hadn’t suggested the pub!

I’m not a beachy kind of girl though, so I was hoping he’d not want to spend hours sitting on the sand! Luckily he was thinking along the same lines as me and when we’d greeted one another, he suggested getting a takeaway coffee and having a walk along the esplanade.

It was a beautiful afternoon and I really enjoyed chatting to him and taking in the views. After a while we’d obviously both relaxed enough to feel comfortable with one another and he so I suggested we get something to eat. We spent a happy few hours outside a lovely café-bar, listening to the chilled-out music and having a few cocktails and a light bite.

That was a great date because we were both open to the other’s suggestions and of course, because neither of us wanted to sun bake!

Markets and Bakeries!

Quite close to where I live is an old, historical town. It’s a lovely place and not such a tourist hot-spot so I often suggest it as a place to meet up for a first date.

What I like about it is that there’s a big choice of things to do for such a little place. There are markets, quirky shops to browse, plenty of nice cafes and a couple of pubs which serve good food.

The way I see it is if my date can’t find one good thing about the place, then he’s probably not the guy for me!

The Big City

Meeting up in the city is always fun but it’s often something I save for a second or third date. There’s obviously more to do in the city but I always feel you need to be comfortable with your companion to really enjoy yourself.

I’m not a big drinker so prefer to have maybe a couple of drinks somewhere with a view and then a nice walk around the town to soak up the atmosphere. This is a great way to get to know your date more and if things go well, you can always go into a comedy club, restaurant or nightclub to carry the date on!