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Three Top Tips when Single Parent Dating you should not forget

Many single parents see the journey towards a new relationship as a scary one. And it is in some ways but in this post, the first top tip for single parents entering the dating game is to me, the most important.

There’s no Pressure

By this, what I mean is that you’re not under any pressure to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right. You can find all the fun and companionship you’re after on multiple dates…and you get to meet some pretty funny and awesome people along the way!

My first ever date as a single parent was so hilariously silly that both of us ended up crying with laughter and what’s more we’re still mates today.

When he walked into the (rather posh) restaurant in which we were meeting, I could see he was as out of his depth as I was. It was the sort of place where you’re not sure who the staff are because everyone there looks equally beautiful and rich.

We bonded over our shared discomfort and as soon as we were seated, we were handed menus in French and that’s when our eyes met in shared panic. We both stood up at the same time and ran out of the place in fits of laughter.

It was just too intense! Going out for a meal shouldn’t be an ordeal! It’s meant to be fun but that place was so cool and stylish that neither of us felt at home.

We ended up having a good laugh in a nearby pub and we’re still in touch.

Dating is for you alone

As a single parent, it’s easy to neglect your own life. Your kids seem to come before everything else…that’s why dating is great! It’s your time to have a good time! Dress up or don’t, go somewhere you’d never usually think of visiting, meet new people.

Dating is a really positive experience most of the time; sure, you meet the odd “interesting individual” but most people are genuine and fun to spend time with.

 You don’t have to find Mr. or Mrs. Right

This ties into the fact that there’s no pressure. There’s absolutely no reason to feel that your dating experience must result in the perfect partnership. In fact, putting that kind of pressure on yourself will probably ensure that you don’t!

Dating as a single parent is potentially stressful enough without adding extra worries on top of your usual list!

See your dating as a single parent experience as a chance to kick back, meet new people and above all HAVE FUN!

Dating when you’re a single Dad or dating when you’re a single Mum isn’t unusual either; lots of people with a family, find themselves back on the dating scene and you might meet your special person and find that they too are a single parent dating.

So jump in head first and don’t worry!