After my divorce came through I spent around a year swearing off all men. Then I got over myself! I missed the company of the male of the species and being without a partner had at first been a bit of a thrill but now, with most of my friends either married or in new relationships I decided that enough was enough and it was time to dip my toes back into the world of dating…online!

This was to be my very first foray into online dating. I’d been married for the best part of 20 years and had definitely lost my touch…or so I thought!

I had a few concerns about meeting people who I hadn’t actually seen in person but most of my friends had tried online dating and they were all very encouraging so I thought “What’s to lose? I might meet a few frogs but I might meet Mr. Right too!”

And what do you know…my first date was great! He wasn’t Mr. Right but he wasn’t a frog either. He was very nice and what’s more, he was funny!

It was just what I needed, a light-hearted and relaxed date with a guy who was trying to be amusing and succeeding! We actually played charades over dinner and didn’t care what anyone else thought!

I met up with him a few more times after that but then I met a guy who really changed things up for me. We connected so well and without any intensity…which might sound like a strange thing to be pleased about but having come out of a very intense 20-year marriage, all I wanted was a relationship where fun and laughter came first.

And this really did happen for me. We’re still seeing one another and now it’s exclusive; so for me, online dating post-divorce really did work.