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My Mature Dating Experience and Why Mankinis are Never a Good Idea!

Ok so Autumn isn’t quite here yet…but the signs are there! For many dyed in the wool Aussies, the colder months are the time to hunker down and hide…let your leg hair grow and chill under a blankie.

Not me.

In all my many mature dating adventures (and they really are adventures) I’ve found that meeting prospective new special ones during the chillier months is the dog’s whatsits.


Because people’s defences are lower. People seem to feel less insecure when a new date doesn’t need to involve the beach or the pool. I for one don’t like getting my white and wobbly bits out in front of a new romantic partner and I’m sure many of them feel the same way!

If you can be certain that your date isn’t going to show up in a one-piece mankini then things are already looking up for me!

And yes, I did in fact once go on a date with a man in a mankini. He turned up to meet me on the esplanade as arranged; and this was my first mistake.

My date…let’s call him Mr. Mankini…obviously had pretty set ideas about what mature folks should be getting up to and wearing age appropriate swimwear was not part of it.

My first sighting of him was pretty ok. He was an ordinary fella in every way…or so it seemed.

After greeting one another, he set off jauntily in the direction of the beach and I must have hesitated because he called over his shoulder, “Come on then! Fun this way!”


So, I followed him onto the busy beach and stood open mouthed whilst he stripped off his singlet and shorts to reveal the most ill-advised piece of swimwear I’ve ever had the misfortune to see.

It was fluorescent turquoise and each tiny string barely covered his average at best 50-year-old body.

People were staring and nudging one another and he, all the while stretching and generally showing off his physique, grinned at me proudly.

At that point I came to my senses and began walking briskly back up to the esplanade at such speed that my thongs could barely get a grip on the sand. I didn’t offer a word of apology or explanation…I fled!

To his credit, Mr. Mankini didn’t follow me and never contacted me again and it was a little while before I agreed to meet anyone anywhere near a beach again!

This is why I adore Autumn dating though! No fear of mankinis and plenty of scope for cosy and well-wrapped-up mature dates!