Americans see dating rather differently to the way most Australians see it. To Aussies, dating is generally seen as a way to find a partner. It’s a means to an end…people view it as the best way to find love.

To Americans, dating is a fun, sociable way to spend your spare time and if you happen to meet someone who is a little special, then that’s an added bonus.

After a few failed, short-term relationships, I decided to try changing my attitude towards dating generally and I embarked on an experiment!

Seeing more than one person

It’s never been viewed as a positive thing has it? Seeing more than one person has always been thought of as a negative thing. Unwritten rules dictate that we can only date one person at a time. Well I decided that for me, the rule book was going out of the window and I was going to date as many people as I liked!

I met more than one person that I found attractive in any given week of browsing online profiles, so why not make arrangements to see them?

Three dates in one week

On my first week of “no rules dating”, I met up with no fewer than three dates. Of that bunch, I did connect well with one of them and made arrangements to meet again which was great! We’d had a fun time and I wanted to see if we could have another great date.

But I didn’t stop planning to meet others the week after. What I found was that the pressure was off. I hadn’t “put all my eggs in one basket” and as a result, I felt that I had less to lose if a date went badly or if there was little connection.

I’ve found casual dating to be just what I needed to not only boost my confidence but also to ensure that I actually have something to talk about with new dates! I’ve tried more activities in the past month than I have in over a year and I’ve made a few connections which have proved to be great.

I’m keeping an open mind regarding relationship potential but at least I’m having a good time!